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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your iPhone Screen


To avoid buying a new iPhone, some owners have taken to repairing their screens after they are cracked. Unfortunately, instructional online videos detailing how to repair the glass do not always tell the whole story. One misstep could result in your iPhone being severely damaged. If you are planning to replace a cracked screen yourself, here are some mistakes to avoid. 

Forgetting to Back Up the iPhone 

Before you start the repair of your iPhone, you need to take the time to backup your phone using iTunes or iCloud. If there is an issue that occurs during the repair and you have to replace the phone, you can load your old data on the new phone.  

Backing up the data also gives you the option of protecting your data in the event that the phone is damaged and you have to take it to a professional for repair. After you back up the data, you can wipe the phone as a precautionary measure. If the phone does end up with a pro, none of your data will be accessible.  

Buying the Wrong Replacement Kit 

There are various types of replacement kits available online and in-town that claim to include all of the items you need to replace your iPhone screen. In reality, not all of the kits do. If you discover that you are missing parts while in the midst of the repair, you might have to stop the repair and pick it up at another time. 

Before buying the replacement kit, research what is needed to get the repair done. Make a list of the parts and compare the kits that are available. While shopping, remember that quality should be a higher consideration than the cost of the kit.  

Using Too Much Pressure for the Screws 

Regardless of your iPhone model, you will have to remove and replace several screws of various sizes. Removing the screws is far easier than replacing them. If you replace the screws and use too much pressure while doing it, you could accidentally damage components of the phone that are sensitive to pressure.  

Instead of simply needing your screen repaired, you could end up having to pay for a more extensive repair or even be forced to buy a new phone. To avoid this, try to only apply enough pressure to secure the screws and do not tighten them too much.

To protect your investment in the iPhone, consider using a professional iPhone repair service. Your phone's screen can be replaced in a matter of minutes in a safe and efficient manner. 


3 May 2017