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Hi, my name is Wendy, and I worked as a small business consultant for years, helping people to improve their companies. Now that I have taken a step back from that role, I decided to start this blog as a creative and professional outlet. In this blog, I am going to focus on one aspect of running a business–the phones. I plan to take on all angles of phone services including concepts such as voice over internet provider (VoIP), different types of hardware, taking the phone to the cloud and much more. Every business needs a unique solution for their communications needs, and the advances in the phone services industry allow that to happen. I hope that you enjoy reading and that you learn a lot here!

Three Reasons To Hire An Answering Service For Your Warehouse Business


The operation of a warehousing business is hardly ever regarded as one that revolves around customer service, but when you get down to the basics of why these businesses exist, customer service is actually a huge component. Therefore, having someone to give the appropriate attention to calls that come in is a vital thing. Unfortunately, most warehouse businesses do not stay open around the clock and many neglect incoming calls because employees tend to be busy with other aspects of daily operation. Take a look at three good reasons to hire an answering service for your warehousing business. 

Ensure every call to your warehousing business gets the attention it deserves. 

When a call is missed in your warehousing business or even just routed to a basic answering machine, it can always mean that you missed the opportunity to serve a client, help a customer, or learn about issues that need your attention. With an answering service enlisted to help your warehouse business out, you can rest assured that every call that comes in will get answered and given the attention that it needs. This means you will be less likely to lose out on a sale or an opportunity to help a customer. 

Give interested business clients the impression of continuous availability. 

For most warehouses, the fact that they are needed at all depends on bringing in business clients who will trust the facility and team with handling their merchandise or product. Therefore, open communication is an important thing. When you have someone answering your calls through the day and night, business clients who are calling in to either check on issues with the products you now have or check on available warehousing space will always get to talk to an actual person. This open line of communication can help foster a trusting relationship with clients. 

Make sure problems with warehoused goods are caught in a timely manner. 

In a warehouse setting, there are always situations that can come up that will need your timely attention. For example, if a shipment arrives and is of the wrong merchandise, which would mean it needs to be promptly returned to the distributor, this is information you would need to know right away. If every call is picked up by an answering service representative, you will not face huge problems because there has been a major delay in the delivery of pertinent information. 


1 June 2017