Phone Service: Facts, Features, Fun and Function with Phone Services

Hi, my name is Wendy, and I worked as a small business consultant for years, helping people to improve their companies. Now that I have taken a step back from that role, I decided to start this blog as a creative and professional outlet. In this blog, I am going to focus on one aspect of running a business–the phones. I plan to take on all angles of phone services including concepts such as voice over internet provider (VoIP), different types of hardware, taking the phone to the cloud and much more. Every business needs a unique solution for their communications needs, and the advances in the phone services industry allow that to happen. I hope that you enjoy reading and that you learn a lot here!

Things To Know About Renting A Server For Your Business


A modern business will have a range of technological needs that will have to be met if it is to effectively compete in the modern marketplace. Having a server is one of the more essential pieces of computer hardware for businesses.

Can Renting A Cloud Server Be Useful To Small Businesses?

It is a reality that a high-quality server can be a major investment. In fact, small businesses may struggle to raise the capital for this purchase. Thanks to business data centers, cloud server rental services exist, and these will allow you to have access to a server for your business without having to commit a sizable amount of your capital to it. Furthermore, these services often work on a month-to-month basis, which can help you avoid getting entangled in a long-term contract.

Will Your Company Share Server Space With Other Clients Of The Data Center?

When you are evaluating your options for renting a server, you will want to consider the amount of processing power that you will require. To help economize their services, these providers will often have different tiers of service that you can choose. On the lower tiers, you will be renting space on a server that is shared with several other clients. Your files and information will be kept safe as each client will have their own partition on the server, and this will prevent individuals from accessing the files of other individuals. For those that want to avoid sharing server space, they will want to opt for a dedicated server as this will ensure that they have the full resources of the server at their disposal.

Are There Limitations To How You Can Use The Servers?

When renting a server, you will want to be aware of the fact that there can be some limitations on the way that you can use it. For example, those that are renting a shared server may have processing limitations in place to protect the experience of the others that are renting space on the server. Also, it can be common for these services to implement bandwidth restrictions. Under these restrictions, you will be required to pay an additional fee for using more bandwidth than what was allocated to the account of the month. This makes it important to carefully estimate the amount of data that your server will require each month. This will allow you to choose the server plan that will minimize your risk of bandwidth overages.


25 July 2017