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Hi, my name is Wendy, and I worked as a small business consultant for years, helping people to improve their companies. Now that I have taken a step back from that role, I decided to start this blog as a creative and professional outlet. In this blog, I am going to focus on one aspect of running a business–the phones. I plan to take on all angles of phone services including concepts such as voice over internet provider (VoIP), different types of hardware, taking the phone to the cloud and much more. Every business needs a unique solution for their communications needs, and the advances in the phone services industry allow that to happen. I hope that you enjoy reading and that you learn a lot here!

Has Crime Gotten Bad In Your Area? 3 Ways To Add Security To Your Company


If the crime rate has gone up in your area, you need to increase your security so your business is not broken into or vandalized in some way. Fortunately, there are many things you can do, three of which are listed below.

Install an IP Camera

An IP (Internet protocol camera) is a type of digital video camera that you can use for surveillance. This type of security has the ability to send and receive images and other data through the Internet and computer network. You may also hear this type of camera referred to as a webcam but an IP camera is actually a netcam and only used for surveillance.

You can choose a centralized installation, which requires you to have a central network video recorder, which handles the alarm, video, and recording. There are also installations called decentralized. With this no network video recorder is needed. Instead the camera has the ability to record to any remote or local storage media.

You can view everything that is going on outside of your business at any time with this type of camera, or you can look at video feed later through your computer or a type of television screen.

The camera is installed outside your building. If a thief walks up to your building and sees the camera they will likely leave. You can also hide the camera if you want to catch someone in the act.

Use Security Cameras and Lights

If your company has a large parking lot you can help keep your customers and employees safe by installing security cameras throughout the parking lot. Also install lights throughout the parking lot so it always stays lighted. You can install motion lights if you prefer.

These security cameras are installed on a pole and some cameras will even move around automatically to scan the entire parking lot. From inside your building you can view the images from the camera on a screen. If you have extreme problems with crime, you should consider hiring someone to sit in front of a screen to watch the parking lot for you at all times. This will allow them to contact authorities quickly if they see someone getting mugged, harassed, or even kidnapped.

These are just two types of security you can use for your company. Make sure you let your customers know they are safe so they will feel comfortable coming to your store even if the crime is bad in your area. Contact a security company, like ACC Telecom, for more help.


7 September 2017