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How To Handle Patient Calls That Come In After A Monster-Sized Natural Disaster


Natural disasters can bring out both the best and worst in people. When the disasters are of monster-sized proportions, you will find a lot of hurried and panicked calls for help. A lot of those calls come through on medical clinic lines, especially when emergency services and hospitals are full to capacity and people need help. If this were an actual situation where you live and work, could your clinic manage the volume of calls it would receive? Here is how you know that you can manage that many calls in an emergency situation. 

Find Phone Services That Can Ramp Up Your Clinic's Service Lines

First and foremost, if you only have a phone system that answers calls at the reception desk and occasionally transfers a call back to one of the doctor's offices, that is not going to be enough. Find a phone service provider that can ramp up your phone system and service lines to take up to ten calls at a time and hold nine until each call is answered. The phones should also be able to transfer calls back to every doctor's office and nurse's substation in the office. At the reception desk, you should have no less than four phones that can answer calls simultaneously. Finding the right medical clinic phone system installation service is tricky, but they are out there. 

Pick a Quiet Day and Time or a Non-Office Hours Time for Installation

The last thing you want to do is install and upgrade your phone system on a regular workday. If your office is not open on the weekends, request that your phone system be upgraded on a Saturday. It may cost a little extra, depending on the medical clinic phone system installation company that installs it, but it is worth it not to have your regular office hours interrupted with phone upgrades. Otherwise, pick a day and time when it is usually extremely quiet and slow in your office and schedule the upgrades at that time. 

Train Your Staff on How to Use the New System

In the event of a major natural disaster, you want your staff to know how to use the new phone system effectively. Train everyone on the system the minute it is in operation. Run some drills where multiple outside phone lines are calling into the office to give your staff some experience with jostling multiple calls at once. Now you should be ready for anything that hits your city. 


26 July 2019