3 Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your iPhone Screen


To avoid buying a new iPhone, some owners have taken to repairing their screens after they are cracked. Unfortunately, instructional online videos detailing how to repair the glass do not always tell the whole story. One misstep could result in your iPhone being severely damaged. If you are planning to replace a cracked screen yourself, here are some mistakes to avoid.  Forgetting to Back Up the iPhone  Before you start the repair of your iPhone, you need to take the time to backup your phone using iTunes or iCloud.

3 May 2017

Three Tips To Help You Choose A Phone System For Your Business


Starting a business will require you to make sure that you have the various pieces of equipment that a modern enterprise will need to function. In particular, phone system products are essential for most businesses, and if your enterprise has numerous offices, it can seem as though investing in one of these systems will be difficult and stressful. However, some simple ideas may help you with buying the right phone system to meet your growing business's needs.

24 April 2017